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Buying in China - Our Concept

Since 1981 after my university graduation as master in polymer science I was employed until 2001 in various German companies as manager for R&D and sales.
After that I was supporting Taiwanese and US companies as consultant and sales in Europe and USA.
2005 I came to China and since 2009 I have my own company there.

In trading with products sourced from Chinese companies we are specialized in match making and project management with the customers in overseas.
But also shipping of components and finished goods we support.

Our target customers are small and medium sized companies, which do not want to come frequently or at all to China, but even don't want to source from an anonymous trader.
But you may feel free to contact and to visit the proposed partner companies at any time on yourself or with our assistance.
We offer communication in German and English, whereas our qualified stuff also guarantees the implementing in and from the Chinese language.

As you surely know every purchase from a trader has the risk of misunderstanding in respect of the quality demands, performing payments or even handling complains.
We see that the lack of a trough-communication with explanations is the cause of filtering important information.
Also reliability on given schedules is hard to control if not being personally in place.
Finally there is the hazard that you found the right product and the middle man suddenly disappears so that you won't find his source or is asking crazy price raise.

Longer than one year we (my person and a Chinese electronic engineer, with additional part time support) cooperate with different German companies on PM base.
We plan to expand that branch to offer the customers more presence in their places.
Relaying on a good vendor base for plastic tooling, parts, semi finished products, PCB, keyboards and custom designed I/O devices, but also finished computer devices you may chose depending on demands from cost and quality the most efficient source for the product you need.

Our service offered is as follows:
 * Making contact between customer and vendor / match making
 * Requests of quotations and delivering a bid comparison with expertise
This is free of charge!

 * Permanent communication of project progress with reports, photos etc.
 * Mechanical and electronically survey of production process and quality audits
 * Creating suitable training documents and executing training at the partner
 * Check the conformity with given features, demands and schedules at the supplier in progress
 * Advices for production processes, sequence analysis and control to optimize cost and quality
 * Production and quality support
 * Small parts machining
 * Shipping with low cost local forwarder
 * Translation (German/English/Chinese) of specifications and reports
This we offer for reasonable rates on base of agreement to be negotiated

Our offer is covering the field of HMI, I/O devices, membrane switches, plastic and dye cast molds and molding, PCB and assembly.

We would  be pleased if this could be interesting for you and to come in contact to discuss details.

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