about us

We offer worldwide technical consulting for electromechanical devices, plastic parts, tools  and sourcing from audited Chinese sources.
The company was founded in 2000. But we look back to experiences in these technological fields, when starting to work in R&D for TEMIC in the Membrane Switch and Subassembly Division in 1985.
We produced custom designed products in Germany and in Hungary and were sourcing from Taiwanese sources.

Our target:
To provide technical information, detailed consulting for design, production and support purchasing components from German and Far Eastern sources.
We work together with different companies to provide what you need for electromechanical components, membrane overlays, switches, keyboards, plastic parts and tooling, dye cast, sand cast tools and parts.

Company : The Owner is Konrad Farnbauer-Schmidt.
He was R&D manager since 1985 in TELEFUNKEN electronic in Grńfenberg, continued since 1994 for TEMIC from 1994 in Nuremberg. Since 1995 he was responsible for out sourcing of products to Far East and established personal contacts in this area.
When in 1997 production and logistics was moved to Hungary, the support and innovation by R&D and Sales remained in Nuremberg.
This continued, when the branch was sold to Freudenberg Mektec.
When the R&D and Sales Center in Nuremberg was closed, KFS was opened in 2000 as own enterprise, to continue the support of his former and new customers and suppliers.
2003 KFS continued part time for one major customer in consulting and sales. This was  Printecelectronics in Waltham Mass./USA in the field of Human Machines Interface (switches, membranes, subassembly).
2005 he moved to China to support the Taiwanese sister company Printec as R&D director and quality manager in their facility in Changan/Dongguan.
2008 he continued as Technology Director for TaiGer International.
2009 opening of independent China head quarter and Australia branch office.
Since 2010 we have a joint venture with CTEA Ltd.

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